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Billing and Customer Care Outsourcing Solutions

Zanda is able to offer customers a range of billing options, which can be configured to meet specific requirements.

The implementation process will be managed with a professional approach inherited from our systems integration experience. A dedicated project manager along with skilled and experienced staff will ensure that all parts of the outsourced billing system and CRM are configured correctly.

This process will require input from the customer in order to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the service that they have received.

To enable our customers to have one hundred percent outsourcing solutions, Zanda provide the following service:

Integration Process
Payments Processing and Collections
Service Suspension

Printing and Postage
CRM at the Call Centre

What makes Zanda different from any other billing outsourcing solutions provider?

Zanda provide a managed service for all their customers. We are not a billing system provider; therefore we are not tied to any one billing system. This gives us flexibility to be able to provide our customers with a system of their choice.

Zanda will allow customers the option to outsource all or parts of their service e.g. customer care service only.

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